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Judicial Activism by Queensland Chief Justice

A Chief Justice, or for that matter any Judge, should be very careful in engaging in law reform. It strikes at the heart of our constitution; the separation of powers. However, last week in a calculated and dangerous way the Chief Justice Paul de Jersey, in his presentation to the Queensland Law Society Symposium on Friday, 15 March 2013, suggested a number of criminal law reforms including:

1. Allowing for criminal histories to be made available to juries;
2. Allowing Judges to explain the concept of reasonable doubt; and
3. Requiring Defence Counsel to disclose their case prior to commencement of a trial.
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Hells Angels Poker Run

This Saturday the Hells Angels host their annual poker run. It is a public event starting from 12:30pm at the Browns Plains Clubhouse. The group ride together to various unknown locations. The event is properly described as nothing like what our media would try to paint it. There is planning and co-oridnation with police about traffic laws, many members of the public get involved and it is a fun ride which stops at a few pubs along the way.
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