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March 1, 2013

Hells Angels Poker Run

by dankrogers

This Saturday the Hells Angels host their annual poker run. It is a public event starting from 12:30pm at the Browns Plains Clubhouse. The group ride together to various unknown locations. The event is properly described as nothing like what our media would try to paint it. There is planning and co-oridnation with police about traffic laws, many members of the public get involved and it is a fun ride which stops at a few pubs along the way.

The police today announced their involvement in the ride. Myself and 3 other solicitors at our firm will be present for the ride. Our role is that of legal observers. Our participation is without fee. We will be there watching the group’s interactions with police and providing legal advice if necessary.

The idea of ‘legal observers’ has a long tradition. In 1977, ‘legal observers’, primarily members of the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties, responded to comments by Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen when he announced that “Nobody, including the Communist Party, or anyone else, is going to turn the streets of Brisbane into a forum. Protest groups need not bother applying for permits to stage marches because they won‟t be granted…That‟s Government policy now.”

Legal Observers protect the rights of participants to a legal event. The street marches in the 70’s were legal and the Hells Angel’s poker run, depsite certain media outlets disagreeing, is also legal. With all the angst over bikies, the day is likely to be interesting but hopefully, incident-free.


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