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August 12, 2013

Invitation to Open Government Forum

by dankrogers

Today I will attend at Parliament House, upon invitation from the Premier, for an open government forum. The forum is being chaired by a very well respected QUT Professor, Peter Coaldrake AO (Vice Chancellor at QUT). I am appearing in my role as secretary of Caxton Communtiy Legal Centre. The forum is looking at Queensland’s current systems of accountability and integrity.

It is true that Queensland has a complex system in place but this is no reason to reduce the various levels of oversight of our government. Public confidence in our government is best secured by strong measures of accountability. Of particular concern to me are some of the reccomendations from the recent review of the Crime and Misconduct Commission by former High Court Judge Ian Callinan and Professor Nicholas Aroney. I particularly disagree that:
1. The research function at the CMC should be scrapped. Maintaining the integrity of the QPS through regular monitoring of extensive powers (tasers, move on directions, capscium spray, police chases) is vital to secure public confidence. With the abolition of the sentencing advisory council already, it is concerning that law reforms under the LNP government are based, less and less, on evidence based research and more on politicial popularity.
2. That the current system of police compliants is adequate. Queensland needs to stop the practise of referring police complaints to the very same police station as the officer complained of. Police investigating police does not work. Queensland should adopt the NSW model and establish an independent police integrity commission.

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