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Under the Queensland Government’s anti-bikie laws, the Department of Corrective Services are directed to imprison members or associates of bike groups in particularly harsh and unprecedented ways. Some have described the conditions as being similar to Guantanamo Bay. Read more »


More Mandatory Sentencing from LNP Government

Last Tuesday, the LNP Government passed laws which, in effect, mean that all persons convicted of drug trafficking, must serve 80% of their head sentence. In reality, this will mean a period of actual custody of at least 2 years if a person is given a sentence with a parole relase date.

For my response, see Triple J’s podcast from last Wednesday, 7 July.

All trafficking is serious. However, what the AG does not realise is that this law will catch the big guys as well as the low level street dealers including young kids selling a few pills to their mates before a festival.

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Community Notification of Sex Offenders

Very few topics provoke as much emotion and public concern as that of a released sex offender living amongst a given community. In the past two days, media articles, and the Police Minister’s comments, have shown this clearly. Different countries have grappled with this societal anxiety in a number of ways. In historical times, responses to sexual victimisation included mob lynching and capital punishment. More recently, less violent measures have been adopted for the release of sexual offenders such as half-way houses, preventative detention, offender registration and community notification.

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Helmet Laws to Change thanks to Jas Atwal

Further to my post of 26 February – “Helmet Laws Discriminate Sikh Man”, the State Government have announced that an amendment to the Transport laws will be made to allow for a religous exemption for the mandatory use of bicycle helmets.

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Welcome to my blog

Thanks for following my blog. My blog aims to promote awareness of current legal issues and how this affects you. Legal texts are usually mundane and read only by lawyers. However, the laws we live by (or do not…) affect our daily lives in many ways. Through my experience as a practising criminal lawyer, I hope to share some insights, views and ideas.


Hells Angels Poker Run

This Saturday the Hells Angels host their annual poker run. It is a public event starting from 12:30pm at the Browns Plains Clubhouse. The group ride together to various unknown locations. The event is properly described as nothing like what our media would try to paint it. There is planning and co-oridnation with police about traffic laws, many members of the public get involved and it is a fun ride which stops at a few pubs along the way.
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Helmet Laws Discriminate Sikh Man

Last week, I was retained to advise Jasdeep Atwal who is of the Sikh religion and wears a turban. He is fighting for his right to not have to wear a bicycle helmet. For him, wearing a turban is an integral part of his religous expression. His actions do not pose a risk to any other person. Jas receievd a fine from police for not weariung a helmet and has taken the fine to court. Read more »