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Police Move-On Powers

This is an article that I published called Crime and Misconduct Commission – Review of police move-on powers (2011) 31 Qld Lawyer 31. It deals with the Crime and Misconduct Commission Review that was tabled in Queensland parliament in 2010. It deals specifically with the discriminatory application of the law against indigenous Australians.

Coercion in Crime Commissions and the abrogation of the privilege against self-incrimination

This is an article I wrote for the Queensland Lawyer. The background to it is the establishment, in 1980, of the Costigan Commission, headed by Frank Costigan QC. This was established by the Australian gGovernment to investigate criminal activities associated with the Painters and Dockers Union. The union had a militant history, and the commission was seen as politically motivated; however, its enquiries effectively revealed the so-called “bottom of the harbour” tax evasion schemes. Despite the controversy surrounding the Commission’s establishment, it effectively led to the introduction of a National Crime Authority (NCA) which established a standing crime commission. Premised on the political platform of a fight against serious and complex organised crime, the standing commission of inquiry was given incredible powers of coercion. It was this background, and the subsequent influx of both special and standing commissions of inquiry, which began the rapid erosion of the privilege against self-incrimination

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Mentally Ill in Queensland Correctional Centres

This is an article I wrote in 2008 for the Queensland Law Student Review. It focusses on the problems in dealing wiht the mentally ill in Queensland prisons. Since the publication of this article, Queensland Health now assumes a greater role in our prisons. However, the cocnerns I raise still apply. Those organisations helping to address this issue deserve our utmost praise.

Double Jeopardy – Resolving the Conflict between Competing Rights and Interests
This is an article I worte as part of my Masters of Public and International Law at Melbourne Univeristy. The right against double jeopardy is slowly being eroded in many Australian States. This is indicative of a slow erosion of fair trial rights in mnay other areas of criminal procedure. As part of the article, I interviewed senior barrister, Michael Byrne QC.

PPRA Amendment 2011 – Pat-Down Search of Minors
This is the transcript of the parliamentary hearing into this propsoed law reform. I strongly opposed the proposed power to allow police to ‘pat down’ kids. I hope you share my concerns. Fortunately, the Bill lapsed in 2012 when our State Government changed and hopefully, it won’t be re-introduced.

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